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What if you had a secret tool that helped you sell your house quickly and for the highest profit, minus the stress
and the hassle?

Home Staging might be just what you are looking for.

The latest trend in the real estate marketing, Staging is a neat strategy that is used for showcasing property in the best light possible, to ensure a quicker and more profitable sale. While some houses feature a winning combination of location, condition and price, others might need a little bit of a helping hand in finding a new owner. That’s where Staging comes in.

Have you ever been to a sales office of a new real-estate project? You must have noticed the enticing settings of the model suites. The idea of this attractive design is to show you the property’s best features, offer the optimal interior layout, style and decor. Their aim is to make you simply fall in love with what you see.

Staging employs the same tactics. Based on unique property needs, Staging might involve organizing, de-cluttering, decorating and re-furnishing, among other techniques. Statistics show that Staged Homes spend much less time on the market, attract more showings and constantly sell for higher price.

Benefits of Staging

Over and over, Staging has been proven to provide the following benefits:

  • Tackles obstacles such as price, location or condition of the property
  • Allows you to get the best value out of your home
  • Helps you sell more quickly, for a better price
  • Less time dealing with buyers means more time for moving and less stress
  • Beautiful photos lead to more showings and more potential buyers
  • Your home looks more appealing and stands out from the competition
  • Well furnished rooms appear bigger
  • Neat and organized home increases desire to buy, as it is "move-in ready"
  • Less time on the market equals savings in mortgage and maintenance fees

About Us

Moving is acknowledged as one of the most stressful and nerve-wrecking events in one’s lifetime that can even be compared to a divorce or a job loss. All of the emotions associated with buying a new home: tension, anxiety, excitement, sadness, detachment, nostalgia, loss of control etc. can really add up. When those are combined with the financial stresses of moving, the mental strain becomes hard to ignore. Therefore, you cannot underestimate the importance of careful planning when it comes to selling your home.

Let us help you sell your largest asset for top dollar, in the quickest time possible, less the stress and the hassle.

Hélène Roy is an optimist, enthusiast and down to earth person with an ever-growing passion for Real Estate and Real Estate Investments. She is also an Accredited Staging Professional® Stager and will happily make your home look its best for sale. Having grown up in New Brunswick, she is fully bilingual. She has a degree in Psychology and a former career as an Air Navigator on the Sea King Helicopter with the Canadian Forces.
A professional by nature with distinguished organizational skills make her a great professional Stager.

We evaluate and analyze your home, and then give you recommendations based on your unique property needs. Our services range from Organizing and Rearranging, to Furnishing and Accessorizing, Landscaping. We also help you coordinate your Moving and Storage efforts.

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Simple Tips

  • Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes
  • Remove items of high value
  • De-clutter and start packing early
  • Cross the street and view your house like it was the first time. What are your impressions?

How We Work

Simply contact us yourself or tell your real estate agent about us. We will then make an appointment to meet with you at your property for an initial meeting, free of charge. From there, we will be able to assess our consultation fees, based on the size of your home and amount of Staging required.

Where to find us?

Our Services


We all know that first impressions are crucial. Just as you wouldn’t think of appearing in worn-out, wrinkled and stained clothes to an important job interview, you also wouldn’t want to spoil that all-important first impression of your home in the eyes of a potential buyer. Staging to your home showing is the same as a crisp, perfectly tailored business suit to a high-profile job interview.

Sometimes we get so attached to our home, having spent many years in it, we just don’t see its obvious flaws which might prove crucial when it comes to a sale. Staging allows you to have a fresh perspective on your home.

While taking care of cleaning, organizing, and decorating, Staging involves much more than that. Contrary to what you might think, Staging is used to de-personalize your home rather than cater to a specific taste or style. Therefore, the general recommendation is to remove personal items/photos/ memorabilia, etc.
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  • Clear up space. Get rid of or store away all the bulky pieces of furniture that block free movement in the rooms. Viewers should be able to easily visualize smooth and free flow of movement throughout the house spaces.
  • De-clutter and clean. A simple tip that makes all the difference. It’s a no-brainer that a tidy, organized and a sparkling- clean home automatically becomes much more appealing to buyers.
  • Fix problems that need to be fixed. Take care of the little things like leaking taps and screeching doors. When there are no problems to fix, it’s easier for the buyer to make up her mind on the purchase.
  • Air it out and add light. Well-lit, aired rooms are associated with happiness and well-being. Also, bright lightening makes rooms appear bigger and more open. If your rooms don’t have enough sunshine, consider adding more lighting. (Cleaning the windows makes a lot of difference too!)
  • Pay a special attention to the kitchen and the bathroom. These are the key areas in your house that could make or break the deal. The kitchen should be spotless, bright and well-ventilated. Make sure the counters are free of unnecessary objects and clutter. You might want to accessorize with cook books, bowls of fruit and dress it up with fresh flowers.
  • The bathroom is of crucial importance as well. The space should be meticulously cleaned, free of odor or mold. The taps, shower-heads and all metal fixtures should be polished to shine. Do not forget to clear all knick-knacks, including inside the cabinets.
Real Estate Agents

Staging offers invaluable benefits for real estate agents in today’s competitive market. Hiring a Home Stager allows you to transform a property from average to a masterpiece. Staging helps to dramatically reduce the time your listed property spends on the market, increases the number of showings, grows the property value and boosts your service in the client's eyes. Moreover, inviting a professional to exclusively take care of the house’s visual appeal allows you to concentrate more on the details of your core business.

Take advantage of this smart marketing tool to expedite your sales, boost your professional image and deliver to your clients.
Take note of these statistics

  • 94% of ASP (Accredited Staging Professional) staged homes sell in 29 days or less
  • Staged homes spend 83% less time on the market
  • 98% of the houses staged sell over the asking price HGTV’s Designed to Sell
  • 63%of the potential buyers are willing to pay more money for a house that is ”move-in ready”
  • 79% of the sellers would spend up to $5000 to get their property ready for sale if they knew what to do
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